Clean, smart and tidy golfing attire with socks or sockettes and recognised golf shoes
When caps are worn, the peak must be to the front.


Golf shirts with collars, roll or crew necks are acceptable
Trousers, plus twos / fours or tailored shorts are appropriate


Collarless blouses/tops are acceptable.
Full-length trousers, 'Capri' calf-length trousers, tailored shorts and skirts are appropriate.

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In all of the main rooms of the clubhouse and on the terrace/balcony, members and visitors are kindly requested to wear smart, clean and tidy clothing, together with appropriate footwear.

As guidance:

No muddied or wet clothing
No t-shirts, shorts that are not tailored, track or shell suits.
No rubber or plastic flip flops / Crocs or similar.
No caps & hats to be worn inside the clubhouse.

The Committee may stipulate times or occasions when more formal dress is required.

Please Note:

Members and visitors shall not at any time enter the clubhouse bar area, lounge or dining room without appropriate footwear.

The clubhouse has every facility required for changing into and from golfing apparel. Changing in the car park is not permitted.

Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode at all times. Other than in an emergency, no voice calls shall be made or received either on the course or in the main rooms of the clubhouse.

All members, club staff, officials and the professionals are authorised to approach members and visitors not complying with the Dress Code.

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