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Golf Etiquette


Please be on time for your tee booking. We recommend that you are at the tee at least 5 minutes before your booked tee time - not on the practice green or the practice net.


Please be aware of other golfers & ensure you clearly shout "fore if your shot is heading for fairways or greens other than the one you are playing or if it is possible that you will hit the group ahead. Even if you cannot see any players, you should issue a clear warning as they may be concealed behind trees etc.

Please do not play your shot until you are entirely confident that the group in front is out of range. If in doubt, wait.

Greens staff have "right of way if they are working on the course. Please wait until they have acknowledged that they have seen you before playing. Don't forget that they are often working with loud machinery & may not hear warning shouts. Being hit by a golf ball is potentially fatal & these basic considerations for other golfers MUST be observed.


Divots should always be repaired as soon as possible to keep the course in good repair.


Golfers should not run during play, but instead walk steadily during play and remain stationary while others play their shots. Players should be still and remain silent during a fellow player's pre-shot routine and subsequent shot.


As you approach the green, please ensure your equipment is placed in the most efficient position to make your way from the green to the next tee. This will allow the group behind to play to the green as soon as possible after your group has completed the hole. Please mark your card when you arrive at the next tee. If you are first to play at the next tee, you should play your shot & then mark your card while your partner(s) tee off.


Please play 'ready golf' wherever possible - whoever is ready to play should play. While it is not appropriate in a formal match play situation, it is now acceptable in Strokeplay & stableford qualifying competitions but must be done safely.


Balls should be marked by individual players so they can be distinguished easily on the course. These identifying marks should be advised to your playing partners before you start.


On the tee, other players should stand alongside the person playing, out of the way and not behind the player getting ready to swing


A ball hitting the green often leaves an indentation, a pitch mark, where it strikes the ground. These MUST to be repaired to keep the green in good condition. After golfers have arrived at the green, they should make it a point to find their pitch marks and repair them & any others in the immediate area.


Players should note each other's putting line, and avoid stepping on it as they play on the green of stand on a line of sight, that is, in the line of sight either ahead or behind a player who is attempting to putt. Players should not stand close to or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the hole, when a player is about to play. In the event that your ball is in another player's line, It is important to mark your ball's position, and only then remove it (pick it up) from the green. A second but related concern involves the hole itself-please avoid stepping within at least a one-foot radius of the hole to avoid wear.


After a bunker shot, please rake the sand smooth again. Please take care to rake all marks made by your feet, the ball & your swing. Please also rake any other areas in the immediate vicinity if they have been neglected by previous players (care of the course), but do not hold up play. Opinions are varied as to the placing of the rake but generally they should be left where they do not interfere with play toward the target (i.e. deviate a ball approaching the bunker from the fairway) & should be accessible for players following you. Leaving the rake end in the bunker but the handle outside the bunker is a possible solution.


Please call through groups or singletons if they are playing faster than you. Stand well out of the way & let them play through.


Please observe the Club's dress rules which have been published on the website:

  • Clean, smart, tidy golfing attire with recognised golf shoes. When caps are worn, the peak must be to the front
  • Tailored shorts permitted
  • Knee length, ankle & trainer socks permitted
  • Shirts require collars & must be tucked in NO denim, track suits or cargo pants.
  • NO collarless T-shirts
  • Out of courtesy to your playing partners, phones should not be used unless in an emergency.
  • Please ensure they are on silent mode Please do not change into golf clothes or shoes in the car park, use the club's changing rooms.

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