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Custom Fitting

Get the right clubs for your game.

We offer an unrivalled custom fitting experience less than a mile from Harrogate town centre. We have over 200 premium shafts & head specs available to try before you commit to your purchase. We have the latest in quadrascopic high-speed camera technology, the Foresight Sports GC Quad. The GC Quad is a fantastic addition to our custom fitting experience and it ensures we get the best fit for your game. With over 20 years combined custom fitting experience, you are in safe hands.


We will ask you some questions about your game, your current equipment and what your golfing ambitions are moving forwards.

Warm Up & Static Measurements
We will observe you hitting a few shots with your current clubs and then take some static measurements.

Equipment Testing
We will take you through the range of options we have identified are suitable for you, based on the initial consultation & warm-up.

Dynamic Fit
As you hit shots we will collect a series of data – from club head speed and dynamic loft to centredness of strike and spin rate.

The data collected will be reviewed, and help inform us which specification of clubs will best suit your game.

We will present our recommendations to you & talk through club configurations.

Your custom fitting experience is now complete. You will either take your new clubs home the same day (we build certain brands on site in our workshop) or we will order directly from the supplier keeping you abreast of the delivery date.